Underwriter Awards

Underwriter of the Year:

2015 Loretta Camp
2014 Nedra Clingan, SGS, CHRS
2013 Marlen Mancias
2012 Denise Cecchini
2011 Melissa Lopez
2010 Joanna Antongiovanni
2009 Alicia Bowers
2008 Linda Behrens
2007 Rusty Rice
2006 Alison Burkholder
2005 Nicole Scott
2004 Sandy Johnson
2003 Tom Silliman
2001 Jenni Whitaker

A nomination can be made on behalf of a SAAHU member, in good standing for two or more years, which contributes outstanding efforts in any given year to the association. This award should be bestowed upon someone who provides quality service and has made significant contributions of time, effort and energy to our industry and association. The recipient should be someone who strives to develop and implement methods to strengthen and improve our association’s presence on a national, state and/or local level.